Through a dedicated, systematic and intensive Martial Arts program, our studio is known for producing the incentive to help you become a more confident individual, both physically and mentally, regardless of age or sex.  Our program guarantees success… provided that you attend at least two classes each week, apply the concepts and techniques that you learn in class, and complete the current program of instruction.


This Student Handbook is dedicated to our families who taught us to persevere until we reach our goals, to our instructors who instill in us life of a martial artist, and our students who continue to make this tradition eternal

Making your own TKO HANDBOOK


Things you need to purchase: 

A 3 hole binder folder with front pocket identification

At least 50+ Heavy weight Document protector ( leave few extra blank protector to hold future belt certificates )

Download the PDF file and print using a color or laser printer.

Insert front cover page in front of the binder (be sure to write your Full Name).

Insert paper front and back using document protector and insert it in 3 hole binder.   Make sure to keep pages in order.