8th Dan Master W. Nguyen

Master W. Nguyen is recognized as one of the leading martial artists in the world of sport karate as a competitor,  promoter and instructor.  In 1994, Master W. Nguyen Founded TKO (Texas Karate Organization) and took the TKO name and made it one of the most recognized organizations in Texas.   Since 1998, TKO has provided a sanctioned karate sport league though out Texas.  The TKO league provides state ratings, a Texas Karate Sport magazine publications and a state finals event.

Not only is TKO a sport league, it is also a traditional martial arts system rooted in a combination of martial-art styles. The TKO system offers a well-balanced and complete system, combining unarmed self-defense and fitness.  The classes are based on Korean Chung Do Kwan-Tae Kwon Do, Japanese Karate, Judo, Jui-jitsu, Aikido and Kickboxing.  With over 25 years of martial arts teaching, Master W. Nguyen  has developed a unique and practical martial arts program for toddlers, children and adults. 


Currently, Master W. Nguyen has two occupation. His day occupation is being an instructor for Chuck Norris’ "KickStartKids” (www.KickStartKids.com), where he has been teaching for over the past 10 years at the FortBend school District.    

Of all the honors Master W. Nguyen has earned, the memory that stands out the most, was when he was chosen to be in the Chuck Norris movie " SideKicks."   You might recognize him as the bully, or in his famous scene as the "white ninja" performing the nunchukus form in “Sidekicks.”  Although he enjoyed that type of work, his heart was here with his karate school and his students.  Being a World Champion himself,  Master W. Nguyen  trained and produced hundreds of Black Belts and many became state, nationals and world champions like…Angel Huerta, Adam Longoria, David Johnson, Dawn Kabela, Chris Gallio, and Joseph Pruiett to name just a few.