Welcome To TKO Dojo in Cinco Ranch Lakehouse


    We appreciate the opportunity to share with you the reasons that TKO has been rated among the top 10 best martial arts schools in the United States since 1995.  We will show you just how fun, safe, exciting, and beneficial our program is for you and your family.  

    TKO is a growing group of martial arts schools in Texas.  Through a dedicated, systematic, and intensive martial arts program, TKO is known for producing the incentive to help you become a more confident individual, both physically and mentally, regardless of age or sex.  Founded on principals of teaching excellence and tradition, we provide students, like you, with the most complete and effective methods to reach your full potential.

    Our instructors are personally selected not only for their martial arts skills but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages.   All of our instructors are dedicated and have earned state, national and world titles, but remain focused on each student’s goals.  Since our instructors continue to learn themselves, they understand the importance of improving their abilities and the commitment to helping YOU to achieve your goals.  It’s no surprise that TKO is rated among the top 10 best martial arts schools in the United States since 1995.

    One of the reasons Martial Arts is so popular is that it’s fun and safe.  No other workout gives you the same results!  Getting in shape and learning to defend yourself is an investment in a better you!

    We offer many programs for even the busiest students.  From pre-school classes to fitness classes and black belt programs, we have a class that is right for you!

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Kids can start as young as 3-years old in the Little Ninja class where “Kids Safe” techniques are learned and stressed.  Our children’s classes are great outlets for aggression. Our workouts improve concentration and children’s attention spans.  Rules are enforced to instill good behavior so the kids begin to make better choices, which helps not only at home, but also more importantly in academic studies.   Schools, teachers, medical doctors, and parents have recommended our school to help give kids focus and a positive direction for all of their extra energy.

Children Class


TKO training is great for children.  Our classes are fun, exciting and motivating.  Through moving up in the belt system, kids build self-esteem and begin to feel better about themselves as they achieve their goals. 

Our programs teach practical and proven self-defense techniques.  Kids, teenagers and adults alike are taught that what they learn in class should not be tried on their families or others.  Through practicing self-defense, we teach to resolve conflicts by using minds instead of physical aggression.


Psychologists’ studies have found better self-esteem and discipline among children whose training in the martial arts was begun at an early age..  That is why millions of parents are using martial arts to help in the education of their children.


At TKO, we teach children and teenagers discipline.  Our trained staff is very patient and they love working with kids, but they are very clear on setting limits.  With positive encouragement and careful correction, we lead by example.  The TKO Star System is a great way to recognize excellence in conduct and special awards in academics for the junior students.

​Competition Class

Xtreme Martial Arts or XMA, is a mixed sport of acrobatics, gymnastics and martial arts. XMA also sets an X-games kind of pace to weapons drills as well. It is a combination of techniques, methods of movements and philosophies from all martial arts styles. It is a mixture of virtually all martial arts styles blended together with high-flying acrobatics and gymnastics.

The program is: "The ability to perform highly skilled moves and also the ability to perform basic moves and make them look spectacular! This is why XMA is not only for the elite level athletes and competitors, but also for beginners at the entry level as well. It is the look in one’s eyes and position of one’s body that tells the story. It’s not only about punching and kicking, or jumping and flipping, but more, showing strength through the mind as well as the body. To stand planted with your feet on the ground and command the attention of the audience without sound or movement, using only the look in your eyes and the strength of your stance, actually shows more power than any punch, kick or flip. That’s Xtreme! XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) is great for the extreme person and the not so extreme! The great thing about XMA is that it’s designed for anyone... You don’t need any prior knowledge of martial arts to try it out (or look good doing it either)! The point of the XMA class is to take the skills that students already have and turn them to the XTREME!"


LITTLE NINJAS ( 4-7 years old)
Tuesday and Wednesday Not Available
All JUNIORS ( 6 -12 years old)
Tuesday and Wednesday 6:20-7:05 pm

JUNIOR /ADULT CLASS (13 year old and up)
Wednesday  7:05-7:55 pm​